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Breeze Designer Release History

	- Periodic test builds

	- RELEASE 2.0.1 (

	- Updates for Setup for Win32s install
	- Fix not importing RAW files

	- Fixes to text generation
	- Fix text size change in properties
	- Fix text placement error

	- Fix buffer overflow for long font names
	- Save view zoom, interval & extents in scene file
	- Fix saving position of edited polygon objects
	- Fix lathe polygon face ordering, now based on Y

	- Correct, swap texture builder refect/refract sliders
	- Fix text placement bug(2)
	- Add mouse rotation to side view
	- Fix clean up if new document during point edit
	- Fix decompose non-sphere (non-polygon) objects
	- Fix freeform texture, image_map quoted filename; added escaping
	- Added OpenGL paint thread

	- Fix to point edit polygon cached objects
	- Fix to load animate, broken in last version
	- Fix(1) guard rebuild object from OpenGL paint
	- Fix point flip not working on cached objects
	- Fix apply smooth to cached objects

	- Added wire frame support for OpenGL view
	- Added boundObject to Cad object definition
	- Fix text scale marquee

	- Re-ordered object defines internally

	- Fixed toolbox loading off screen
	- Fixed centre object for cached objects
	- Increased max animated objects to 48
	- Added normalize object function
	- Added group select to macro
	- Added rotateabout to macro
	- Exclude camera's and light's from groups
	- Fix reading DISC object, and disc size in POV
	- Fix to settings menu text
	- Fix placing object in undelected view

	- Fix reading text with un-available font
	- Re-ordered texture and create texture dialogs
	- Fixes to toroid representation

	- RELEASE 2.0.2 (MultiCAD BBS)

	- Added extended lighting options to properties
	- Added spot light preview
	- Eliminate redundant edges when drawing primitives
	- Enhance primative wire frame representation
	- Fix draw thread cleanup

	- Added save state for bounding box & draw spot light
	- Added hide attribute to animated object
	- Added SetAniAttrib macro verb
	- Added preview render texture caps
	- Added fields in texture database for flat & cube textures
	- Added auto-upgrade for old texture database files
	- Added arg to RenderObjectGL to pass texture information

	- Save & load hidden object attribute
	- Fix ungrouping objects with object selection list

	- Added bezier patch object
	- Added right mouse button context menu
	- changed co-ordinate track to ctrl+right mouse
	- enhanced file format to support begin ... end blocks

	- Split project to create bdcore.dll
	- Note memory allocated in bdcore MUST be also freed in bdcore

	- Added support for POV-Ray 3.0
	- Revised texture builder

	- Fix to install script, which hung when missing archives
	- Several fixes to RenderMan export add many primatives
	- Added VRML export support	
	- Fixed random error bug running multiple macros
	- Fixed file error when loading texture list, without renderer selected

	- RELEASE 2.0.4 (POV-Ray site)

	- Fix external render include not being set
	- Fix camera setting not available from object selection list
	- Added pan view control (new menu & context menu options)
	- External renderer include, warning only if not defined
	- Texbld: erase local string when switching in advanced
	- Texbld: advanced string size changed from 32 to 1024 chars
	- Texbld: added multi-line edit for color maps
	- Texbld: fix exporting POV colors syntax

	- Supply full file path for render spawn
	- Added additional object data fields
	- Enhanced VRML export
	- Change RAW export description
	- Change RAW export for optional comma
	- Change RAW import to ignore ASCII strings
	- Added *.pi extension to plug-in filter

	- RELEASE 2.0.5 (POV-Ray site)

        - Fix exporting smoothed heightfields (POV syntax bug)
	- Compile bdcore for OS/2 port project

	- Release 6 alpha 2
	- Enhanced animation export to export any selected renderer
	- Enhanced plug-in interface (version 2)
	- Enhanced internal object extra information handling
	- Added path browse dialogs in directory settings
	- Added user defined auto-redraw for preview window
	- Unlimited number of animated objects (based on memory)
	- Internal changes to texture builder

	- Release 6 alpha 3 & 4
	- Minor enhancements to plug-in interface
	- Added custom object & custom object elements
	- Added custom colors option for work area
	- Remove work arounds for Win32s support
	- Added long file name to short file name convertion option
	- Added silent preview render (console compiled POV)
	- Added error reporting for preview render

	- Release 6 alpha 5
	- Fixed memory leaks in OpenGL preview
	- Added internal image viewer
	- Changed settings routines to use registry
	- Fixed scroll bar problem in texure builder
	- Added render scene plugin class
	- Change runtime to use MFC DLL's
	- Add DLL version of the plugin interface
	- Extensions to plugin interface

	- Release 6 alpha 6 & 7
	- Added set property event for plugins
	- Add CallFunction macro command to allow calling plugins from macros
	- Add SetFunctionProperty macro command to set plugin properties
	- Fix problem writing duplicate plugin names

	- Release 6 alpha 8
	- Fix overlaping extended mouse select problem
	- Added rendering status message
	- Added facet & normal handling in piPutGeometry
	- Fix to piErrorMessage handling
	- Fix macro & plugin not setting preview color for texture
	- Fix problem calling multiple plugins from macro's
	- Fix camera look at problem when moving camera with mouse
	- Fix light export setting wrong type on some configurations
	- Added delete image before rendering & render error trapping
	- Added saving anti-alias render setting
	- Added Hide object menu option
	- Fix not saving text texture builder general fields
	- Fix not saving object property fields when switching fields

	- Release 6 alpha 9
	- Updated plug-in interface to support VARIANT values
	- Added property support to plume & thread plugins
	- Added OLE-Automation interface

	- Release 6 alpha 10
	- Write RAW polygons, polygon per line for no-comma version
	- Add support for PNG format height fields
	- Extend macro, plugin & OLE-Automation interfaces

	- Release 6 alpha 11
	- Added SetTexturePropertyX functions to OLE & macro interfaces
	- Added GetGeometry function to macro interface
	- Added default settings to animation dialog
	- Updated online help & SDK documentation

	- RELEASE 2.0.6 (DEC Alpha version)

	- Release 2.0.7 alpha 1
	- Fix flip bug in transform dialog (r7)
	- Fix fix orientation bug (r7)
	- Fix piReturn bug in pitools
	- Added basic NFF import function
	- Added tapered cone option (set via extra value)
	- Fix GP when exiting point edit mode
	- Enhanced plug-in interface
	- Change external execution functions to use template
	  The following template arguments are available;

		$P Path
		$N Name
		$E Extension
		$F Full name
		$O Output file
		$I Input file
		$H Width
		$W Height
		$L Library include path
		$A Anti-alias
		$Q Set render quality
		$K Set exit flag
		$< Errors file
		$V Display image
		$C Frame count
		$U User settings

	- Fix plug-in file filter processing to allow multiple filters
	- Fixes to Polyray output filter

	- Release 2.0.7 alpha 2
	- Fix 3DS import filter locking up with some files
	- Added GetFileName( ) to macro language
	- Added Transform( func ) to macro language with the
	  following arguments;


	- Added AppendVarToString( "Text", var ) to macro language
	- Added new plugin plugin object property types for;


	- Added pointer type to Breeze data variant
	- Fixed problem selecting object extra data fields (r7)
	- Fixed text object characters greater than 127 value
	- Fixed text object non-default character sets

	- Release 2.0.7 alpha 3
	- Updated & fixed several problems with Polyray export filter
	- Enhanced error reporting for external renderers
	- Automatic normalize cables after generation to fix transform problems
	- Automatic normalize polygin lathe objects as above
	- Added align object function (first object is lead)
	- Added piCustomTexture plugin function
	- Added texture Ctrl+Add to add a new existing texture

	- Release 2.0.7 alpha 4
	- Retain last setting tab selected during session
	- Fix macro SetObjectProperty method naming error
	- Add Wavefront OBJ import filter
	- Fix to POV-Ray export filter for smooth triangle bug

	- Release 2.0.7 alpha 5
	- Fix not saving animation settings on OK
	- Added $C to animation template for render command which also replaces template
	- Added save image option to image viewer. Support for Targa & Windows BMP
	- Updated preview torus to smoothed version
	- Updated object builder with graphical picker
	- Smooth setting now controls whether to output smooth (filter supported)
	- Enhanced VRML filter to support smoothed polygon objects (VRML 1.0)
	- Re-compiled and updated for VC 5.0
	- Replaced Breeze Designer macro language with ActiveScript interface 
	  for support with VBScript, JavaScript, PerlScript etc.
	  This release requires ActiveScript installed for macro support
	  See for script engine updates
	- Updated object properties dialog

	- Release 2.0.7 alpha 6
	- Fix bug reading filter value in texture builder
	- Changed plugin manager to load and enable all plugins by default
	- Added texture builder brick texture elements to POV 3.0 settings
	- Changed plugin loader to continue loading after load error

	- Release 2.0.7 alpha 7
	- Fix torus generation
	- Fix piSaveFile incorrectly setting file type
	- Enhanced height field support
	- Extra smooth property for heightfield (global smooth also)
	- Updated piGetObjectPropertyId( szIdString ) to get object properties
	- Added piGetPropertyId( szIdString ) to get general properties
	- Added piGetFileName( bSaveLoad, szFilter ) returns file name

	- Release 2.0.7 alpha 8
	- Fix group selection
	- Added support for background color
	- Updated Povray2, Povray3 and Polyray export filters
	- Added spotlight support to Polyray export filter

	- Release 2.0.7 alpha 9
	- Added support for alternate preview texture objects
	- Added support for sky object texture preview (POV)
	- Fix texture problem scaling OpenGL objects
	- Minor internal restructure for texture mapping support
	- Updated render setting files (.INF)
	- Inhibit display any textures that are not base or for renderer
	- Added support for VRML image mapping
	- Added support for VRML textures in texture builder
	- Added support for VRML spotlight
	- Added support for RenderMan (RIB) spotlight
	- Added basic support for layered textures when using POV-Ray

	- Release 2.0.7 alpha 10
	- Added smooth triangle export to polyray filter
	- Added support for polyray in texture builder (incomplete)
	- Update polyray export filter to use box objects
	- Update polyray export filter to use heightfield objects

	- Release 2.0.7 alpha 11
	- Export UV information for meshes using polyray filter
	- Fix resolution not being set correctly on polyray export
	- Added support for bezier object in polyray filter
	- Added support for user defined object in polyray filter
	- Extra.y now controls blob strength (default is 1)
	- Extra.x control the blob threshold
	- Added support for blob object in polyray filter
	- Added support for limited CSG operations in polyray filter
	- Fix CSG property update bug (r7)
	- Updated texture list

	- Release 2.0.7 alpha 12/13
	- Added optional DefaultProgramPath and DefaultIncludePath settings
	  to render settings file (.inf) which will override the program settings
	  if no program or include information is set on startup.
	- Added aspect ratio field in Polyray filter
	- Added futher elements to Polyray texture builder syntax
	- Added optional UV structure in Breeze Designer file format
	- Changed key behavior; arrows step by snap or 1.0, 
	  shift+arrow step to snap or 1.0,
	  control+arrow rotate by snap or 1.0
	- Fixed disc object in Polyray filter
	- Fixed error running scripts on existing scenes
	- Fixed problem always create temporal animation sequence
	- Completed custom color scheme settings implementation

	- Release 2.0.7 alpha 14
	- Workaround for typelib loading error under Win95
	- Updated pitools.dll in general package (fixed several plugin issues)

	- Release 2.0.7 alpha 15
	- Resolved typelib loading error under Win95
	- Fixes to error handling
	- Updated build and upload process

	- Release 2.0.8
	- Added external plugin facility ie create a batch file in the plugin 
	  folder to create an external plugin. These plugins will appear on the
	  news tools/plugin menu.
	- Added Blue Moon rendering tools (RenderMAN) support for shell rendering

	- Release 2.0.9 alpha 1
	- Fixes to DXF import
	- Fixes and updates to plugin interface
	- Removed 3DR support ie OpenGL now required
	- Fixes to shell POV-Ray 3.1 for Windows

	- Release 2.0.9 alpha 2
	- Internal reworking
	- Added support for extended object properties
	- Fixes and updates to plugin interface

	- Release 2.0.9 alpha 3
	- Fix export only POV bug
	- Export DXF default to white not black objects
	- Fix render image load bug

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