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Machine Vision Security Monitor


This project started as an adaption of Andrew Kirillov AForge Camera Vision sample. I have added custom image filters to pre-process the the incoming image stream and a multi-layered Artificial Neural Network to provide robust motion detection. The project can be used as a simple video based secutity system. Multiple camera's can be monitored at the same time.

System overview


Below is a high level flow of the image processing pipeline.

  • Acquire frame image
  • Apply region mask. The mask is a set of regions to exclude from the image analysis. The mask can be generated dynamically in a traning phase.
  • Compare the image to a trained set using multi-layered Artificial Neural Network. The trained set contains images from different times of day and different lighting conditions. Images above a certain threshhold are flagged for future training,
  • If an image contains motion try to run facial recognition to determine who is in the scene.
  • Check against a soft start/stop flag so that images will continue to be captured for so many seconds after motion stops.
  • Save the motion set into a video for later analysis.
  • Send an email notification if enabled.

I am currently adding an option to interface with an Ardino monitoring and alarm system with other sensor types.

This project is currenly in development. Drop me an email if you are interested in testing the application.


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