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Breeze Designer Plugins

This page contains a collection of plugins for Breeze Designer. For those interested in writting their own plugins download the current Breeze Designer SDK. Plug-ins can be written in a number of languages. Click on the plug-in picture to download.

Plume Animated plume (31K). Generate an animated plume of various objects 1.3
Shapes Polyhedron generator (7K). Create a variety polyhedron shapes 1.1
Trees Tree builder (49K). POV-Ray tree builder 1.3 (with source)
Xroad Crossroards (123K).Crossroads import 1.1
Terrain Terrain (23K).Terragen terrain importer 0.9 (with source)
Figure Figure (247K).Figure Builder 0.3

To allow extensions to be added quickly to Breeze Designer, the latest version of Breeze Designer will also automatically register batch files as plugins. Just drop a batch file running your favorite utility into the plugin directory and the name of the batch file, without the extension, will be available from the plugin utility menu when Breeze Designer is run.

The plugin framework has been changed in the latest release. This may require some older plugins to be recompiled or updated.

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