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3D Motion Capture


I wanted to create a simple, low cost way of capturing 3D motion information from a range of video sources. The application allow you to rotoscope Windows video footage frame by frame to create a motion dataset that can imported into 3D animation packages. The application is written in C#.NET using DirectShow for video handling and import 3D articulation models in BioVision BVH format.

System overview

Motion Capture Screenshot

Below is a set of steps to get motion capture data from a video clip. At the moment the process is a bit tedious, but I hope to expand the program with some helpers in the future.

  • Start a new project, by loading a video clip
  • Associate a model with the project. Currently only BioVision BVH models are supported.
  • Adjust the 3d view parameters for your scene
  • Match the reference points from the model you have created onto the first frame in the video
  • Step through each frame of the video, or scrub backwards and forwards through the video, moving the reference points for each frame. In a given frame you can make a point as a key.
  • You can interpolate control points between 2 frames. Move to the final frame you want to interpolate and select the control point you want to use. Select interpolate and enter the start frame number. You can use a linear or spline interpolation.
  • When data entry is complete save the results into the inital or new model file

The resulting files can be loaded into Breeze Designers figure animator to create 3D animations.

The video model is Kim Jae-Kyung, many thanks. This project is currenly in development. Drop me an email if you are interested in testing the application.


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