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Breeze Designer

3D Modeler and Design
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Breeze Designer Package

Breeze Designer is available as a single installable package for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT. After unzipping the installation package run the extracted setup.exe to install the package. Breeze Designer will create several subdirectories as part of the installation process. Below is a listing all files currently released for Breeze Designer and their respective installation sub-directories.

ProgramProgram files
" BREEZE20.EXE Breeze Designer program
" BREEZE20.HLP On-line help file
" BREEZE.TEX Texture database
" BDCORE.DLL Breeze modelling core
" RENDER.DLL Preview view renderer
" IV32.DLL Image view library
" PITOOLS.DLL Plugin interface library
" README.WRI Release notes
" BREEZE.INF General Breeze Designer rendering settings
" BMRT.INFBMRT rendering settings
" PLY.INFPolyray rendering settings
" POVRAY20.INF POV-Ray 2.0 rendering settings
" POVRAY30.INF POV-Ray 3.0 rendering settings
" POVRAY30W.INFPOV-Ray 3.0 Windows rendering settings
" VRML.INFVRML rendering settings
MacrosMacro files
PluginsPlugin files
SamplesSample files
TexturesTexture files

The textures directory contains texture thumbnail images for the texture editor preview and texture mapping images used in the preview view. The default installation copies a set of Breeze Designer macros, mostly in VisualBasic scipt, into the macros sub-directory and a set of Breeze Designer sample scenes and other sample data into the samples sub-directory.

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