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Other projects

Here is a collection of other projects I have created. I will add more project details and information over time. Other graphics related projects are under graphics.

  • Arduino home security
  • Arduino parking assistant
  • Arduino telescope driver
  • Home CNC machine limit upgrade
  • Sable-2015 CNC Spindle Mount
  • PVC bed guard

Arduino home security

My home security project based around the Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform.

Arduino parking assistant

Yet another parking assistant using an Arduino and a sonic distance sensor.

Arduino telescope driver

I have been a keen amateur astronomer for some time. This is my Arduino based telescope tracker.

Home CNC machine limit upgrade

I have have a hobby CNC machine and added limit switches to make it easier to use.

PVC bed guard

This is a simple to make bed guard made from PVC pipe, elbows and T-pieces.


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